Welcome to the official website of Sainte-Anne’s School of Saint-Tropez

During your visit, we hope to better inform you about our school. We wish to introduce various aspects of our establishment: our educational project, the teaching we offer and our art of living.


Thanks to this site, you can take in our primary aim: the construction of your child and his/her awakening of conscience to the light and values of the Gospel. Sainte-Anne is a catholic school that takes to heart living in harmony by both respecting individual values and by ecumenism. We expect our students to do their best and our strength lies in this interior structure.


Anchored in tradition, our establishment excels in:

• Privileged relations with our educational staff;

• Creation of clear and consistent programs;

• Collaboration with our Christian community;

• Construction of the child, the adult of tomorrow;

• Enriched learning through extracurricular exchanges and activities;


We look forward to meeting you, and wish you a pleasant visit of our site.

A word from the headmistress

Catholic education is such, not by recruitment, but by its educational project which “explicitly refers to the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic Church” (statut de l’EC Titre 1, article 4).


Our concern is the creation of a united educational community which places people, children that is, at the core of its educational project that is open to all diversity with respect to each of us.


It is our heartfelt interest to create coherent learning by giving it meaning, by placing hope in our students and by forming social bonds.


Our school experiences its unique nature through the light of the Gospel: each of us is important; each of us has a place. For each child entrusted to us, we extend an attentive ear and offer benevolent attention.    


By believing in your child, we hope to inspire a reciprocal relationship of trust between parents and teachers; this bond is the key to the harmony that will allow us to grow together.

Universal, ecumenical and international, Sainte-Anne’s School is open to diversity and up for challenges.


The force of our faith, love of our profession and trust in our families are the assets by which we progress. And progress, we do!


I wish you a pleasant visit to our site and look forward to meeting you.

Educational Project

Autonomy and communication are priority axes in our education. We further this cause by specific educational and pastoral objectives.


1-      Offering an individualized education for a successful scholastic path.


2-      Creating responsible and autonomous students to become the adults of tomorrow



An individualized education for a successful scholastic path:


Our establishment welcomes students of 15 different nationalities; the three monotheistic religions are present. All our students, including new arrivals and those with special needs (EIP, handicapped, dyslexic,…), benefit from an education that is adapted to their ability with a concern for the respect of the socle commun (or required knowledge and skills mastered at the conclusion of obligatory schooling). This enables each student to find his/her place and follow an adapted and complete education.


Our resources:

  1. -Linguistic awakening
  2. -Command of French as a second language for foreign children (Français Langue Etrangère, FLE)
  3. -Openness to other cultures (Anglo-Saxon, Provençal, African)
  4. -Personalized reception of students with learning difficulty
  5. -Reception of special needs students (EIP, handicapped).
  6. -Advantage of different tutoring workshops
  7. -Encouraged development of different cognitive strategies for each child in scholastic situations.


By respecting children’s learning rhythms and abilities, and dialoguing with families and school partners, it’s become possible to help construct growing individuals and to foresee grade repetition or anticipated progression.



Responsible and autonomous students to become the adults of tomorrow:


Autonomy is a condition of successful education and adaptation to the evolution of personal, professional and social life.


Our assessment is that numerous children have increasingly adopted a “wait and see” attitude. If, at times, they seem more mature in their activities than previous generations, their behavior tells us the contrary.


It is crucial to encourage an autonomous process in study methods. It is up to us to develop, for each student, learning potential to last a lifetime and encourage their ability to live together.


Our resources:

  1. -Recognizing the present to avoid always betting on the future.
  2. -Respecting a child’s rhythm, adapting activities to his/her needs and possibilities.
  3. -Developing confidence and helping a child find his/her voice.
  4. -Weighing one’s self-esteem.
  5. -Adopting steps to awaken curiosity
  6. -Developing autonomy by educational practices anchored in the socle commun (or required knowledge).
  7. -Devising an autonomy chart for specific projects in each section.
  8. -Establishing coherent instructions given from one section to another (supplementary complexity for each step at a given age).

The Project of the Establishment

Affirming our specific nature


You have chosen to enroll your child within our school and we thank you for this gesture of trust.


L’Ecole Saint-Anne is a private, catholic establishment under contract with L’Education Nationale.


Our specific nature maintains our educational project with the foundations set forth in the Gospel.



A Terre de Mission School:


L’Ecole Sainte-Anne is a school where one lives and experiences Christian values.


  • Discover the meaning of sacred, prayer, and contemplation.
  • Learn to live together with tolerance, love, respect, forgiveness and sharing.
  • The opportunity to participate in celebrations and other shared occasions that encourage an awakening of faith.
  • Welcome the diversity of spiritual expectation and be active witnesses in the name of faith.
  • Create a connection between the school, the children and their parish enabling the children to feel a sense of belonging to the Church.
  • Establish another way of looking at the world, Christ’s way.



A where one can grow:


  • Sainte-Anne’s School is a place of growth, where we believe in the child entrusted to us.
  • We welcome the child into a climate of trust, generosity, respect and tolerance and help the child to exploit his/her capacities.
  • We give the child an appreciation for effort and perseverance by motivating him/her and by recognizing his/her work.



A school and open meeting place:


  • Sainte-Anne’s School is a place where a child can experience his/her uniqueness. 
  • Maintaining child, parent, and teacher relationships founded on listening and dialogue.
  • Giving a special needs child his/her place according to the school’s possibilities.
  • Teaching English daily, starting with first-year preschoolers, by native English-speaking teachers.
  • Passing on our traditions and cultural heritage: practicing
  • Provençal song and evoking our regional history, as soon as CE2 (8-9 years).


Pre-registration at Sainte-Anne’s School for the 2018-2019 school year is open.

Interested individuals can contact the headmistress of our establishment, Mrs. Frédérique Pleindoux-Garin at

Please see the enrolment form below.


For new students at Sainte-Anne’s School:


Step 1:

Download and send or bring a completed pre-registration form accompanied by a check for 100€ per student.


Step 2:

Mrs. Pleindoux-Garin, headmistress of the establishment, will book appointments with parents by email or telephone after receiving your request for enrolment.


Step 3:

Appointment at Sainte-Anne’s School with the headmistress: During this interview the functioning of the school will be presented and explained with presentation of:

• The educational project

• The project of the establishment

• School rules

• The scholastic contract


Step 4:

During the interview the following supplementary documents will be given to complete your application for enrolment:

• Signed educational project and school rules˚

• Completed and signed scholastic contract˚

• Signed authorization sheet within the school’s framework˚


Please come with the following documents :

• Photo identification of both parents

• Photocopy of a birth certificate

• 3 recent identification photos

• Health documents indicating the child has received obligatory immunizations

• If the child is baptized, a baptismal certificate

• 6 stamped, self-addressed envelopes


A complete application should be returned as soon as possible.


˚ The signature of both parents is required on all documents, even if parents are divorced or separated. In this event, please include a divorce judgment including details concerning child custody.


Step 5:

Enrolment is complete once admission is granted by the headmistress and confirmed by post.


To finalize your child’s admission, please provide the following documents:

• Report cards from 2nd and 3rd trimesters, and recommendation for passage to superior grade levels.

• In the case of a school transfer, a certificate indicating the conclusion of previous schooling

• Proof of address dated within a 3 month time frame (recent bill from EDF, GDF, or the water company).